A Random Harvest

2random adjective: chosen, done, etc., without a particular plan or pattern

2harvest verb: to gather (a crop)
: to gather or collect (something) for use

That's just what this is: A Random Harvest of thoughts and ideas--a colorful assortment springing from the same garden of experience. 

I expect you'll find the ridiculous and the refined, mature ideas and seedlings of fancy, the temporal and the spiritual, a bit of whimsy and a nod at the practical, past impressions and hopes for the future. Hopefully, you will always find an abundance of joy and inspiration! 

I am writing this because I love to write. If you happen upon this blog and find something you like, you are welcome to it. I don't claim to be anything special. You won't find in me an expert, a critic, an adviser, or a genius, but maybe you'll find a friend with a basket full of savory morsels to ruminate on. A kitchen table chat.

Welcome to A Random Harvest!